8 DIY Swimming Pool Tips

Designing and constructing a swimming pool for yourself is the activity you can take up this summer. It might seem a little difficult, but a little help from your friends and family members can save you a lot of money. You can either have a theme for your swimming pool or make a classic pool to swim and relax in your backyard. You can also decide on adding features like lighting and water heaters to enjoy your pool even at night. Here are some of the tips to start with your DIY pool project which will help you with better planning and construction.

Choose a simple design

Do not over complicate your pool design if you do not have any prior experience in the field. Keep a minimal theme with natural stone walls and important water features which will add value and comfort to your pool.

Make a flat bottom

Choose flat bottom over curved or step bottom. It will be easy for you to dig even bottom without complicated measurements. It will also help you clean your pool quicker and better.

Go for the boxes

Simple box-shaped will always be the classic swimming pool type which will never grow old. The box-shaped pools are quick and easy to build and require minimal effort in designing. They can be built under a small budget, and the manufacturers can provide a quality tank and its products.

Use minimal fitting

Do not go for complicated pipe and drainage connections. Try to make your tank look as clean as possible. A balanced tank without any tricky pool fittings will be easy to clean and will also look neater if you do not have much space in your backyard.



Don’t go too deep

Do not dig too deep and keep the depth of your pool to 1.8m as the deeper you dig, the more reinforcement you will need later on. If you are worried about safety and are not confident with your swimming, then 1.5-1.8 is a good depth. You can also consider using insulated walls which are designed for the DIY natural swimming pool.

Avoid concrete or prefabricated walls

If you want different levels of depth in your pool, you can use stones or sandbags to form walls. Make sure that these sandbags and stones do not look too sloppy and also keep your natural pool clean and nicely finished.

Use black liner

Black liners can be a cheap alternative to water heaters as it can always keep the water warm. It is capable of producing high passive heat gain, which eliminated the need for water heaters completely.


Keep a drainage plan ready

Drainage plan is as important as the pool plan, and it should be figured out before you start digging. You do not want to use a bucket to take out old water every time. Drainage plan is the cause of failure of most of the natural pools.